Nice to Meet You

2018-02-01 13.04.57-1

I’m a Canadian Mama living, loving and winging it in Scotland. I love lifting heavy things, music, reading, writing and getting outside. Apparently I also write a blog now. I’m as surprised as anybody.

I’m an enthusiast of body diversity, inspirational women, swearing, gin and coffee. I’m a teacher in the middle of an existential crisis about the world of teaching and I may also be entering the world of Powerlifting. Holy shit. Let’s just see if an old dog can actually learn new tricks.

This is a blog about letting more power and joy into my life with humour and honesty. About working through some past shit so my present self can chill the hell out. About working through loving myself (cringe) and working the healthy habits that make me feel good.

I’ll be starting out writing about being vulnerable. Like the hardest thing to be. Ever. I hope you’ll join me getting down and dirty with that little prick. It’s a doozy. But who starts a blog (a fucking blog!) without feeling and being all kinds of vulnerable? Am I right?

Let’s go then…

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