Words for the Mothers

And those who support us.

Being a mother has blown my mind. Completely.

I sometimes think back to my Pre-TD self and feel… almost sorry for that soon to be mama. What it all means and what it entails is beyond comprehension. And I’m learning every day that I don’t know shit. As mentioned before, I am completely winging it. I know most of us are. But…woooo wheeeee! Tiny brain, blown.

It’s Mothers’ Day here in the UK so in honour of this I want to send a massive shout out, thank you, high five and hug to all the ladies with mothering souls.

So, here’s to…

  • The mothers who show us the way and make us feel normal for wanting to hide in the toilet and not come out.
  • The mamas who inspire us in how we want to be in raising our babies (and even to those who show us how we maybe don’t want to be).
  • The mums who choose to love other women’s children as their own when those women can’t. You are glorious human beings and top goddesses.
  • The moms who raised us and gave us our foundation for motherhood.
  • The same moms who help us raise our own babies while we try to balance feeling like we are shit at work and shit at home.
  • To our mama friends who are braving the wilderness of motherhood and shrugging their shoulders right along with us.
  • To the mothers who are going it alone and being strong as hell for their babies.
  • To the mamas who breastfed, bottle fed, co-slept, slept alone, go tech free, are tech dependent, homemade food makers, frozen food defrosters, full time workers, stay at homers, part timers, never feeling enough-ers. It’s all good. We all think we should be doing it differently.
  • To the moms who battle through anxiety or depression but show up for their kids in any way they can. Deep breaths.
  • To the mumma warriors of loss. The ones that didn’t get to bring our babies home or had to say goodbye to their babies far too soon. I see and know your broken hearts and I’ll say your babies’ names right along with you.
  • To the mothers who are raising babies that need extra time, care, love, support, patience and medical assistance. You are brave and a light in this world.
  • To the mama souls who can’t or don’t have babies but instead love our babies with a fierceness that matches our own.
  • To the mums who are no longer with us but shaped our lives with their love and live in our hearts forever.
  • And lastly, to the moms to be or who wish to be, you are in for a ride like no other. But it’s all good. It’ll change you, it’ll test you and it’ll make you. Enjoy it when you can and don’t beat yourself up when you can’t. We’ve all been there. Surround yourself with all the support you can. Mum life is better shared.

I see you, mamas.

You all deserve medals and parades and spa days and a big party every day. You got this. You are doing the hardest, most exhausting, brilliant, incredible, beautiful job. You are raising our future.

To our people around us that support and encourage us. Give us strength to keep going, cheer us on, rub our backs and let us vent. You help make the magic happen. We can’t do it alone.

As Brene Brown says in Rising Strong,

‘We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.’

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