Life Lessons

Life Lesson #34901. Do NOT swap between your laptop and your phone mid blog post writing. I had written a whole post about beauty standards and it was good. I swapped to my phone to put in my post photo…cause it’s just easier that way, usually. When I went back in to resize it on the laptop….gone. All of it, gone. I must not have saved it properly before switching over. What a piss off! I liked that post. A lot. I had put a lot of love and thought into it because its a big one for me to write about but…nope…not this week.

That’s life isn’t it? Little and not so little lessons learned along the way. Sometimes the lessons make us smile like you and life are pals and she just gave you a wee gentle heads up. Sometimes they are annoying, painful, devastating. This one hurts a wee bit but I’ll recover. I’ll let it sit for a bit and I’ll take another stab at it. Not today, but next week. Maybe it needed a fresh look before I pressed publish. Maybe I just didn’t save it properly and that’s that.

Life is learning. Learning how to be. How to act. How to survive. Learning that not everything works out the way you think it should. Learning what your truth is. Learning about other people’s truth. Learning that everyone is just trying their best and trying to do their best. Learning that sometimes folk will let you down but usually it’s their own thing and nothing to do with you. Learning that what you thought was the way the world works, is actually only the way the world works for some people. Learning that you are capable of fucking up. Learning that some people can forgive and forget better than others. Learning that being an adult is weird. Learning that being a parent is even weirder. Learning that feeling disappointed or angry or annoyed or sad is ok but it’s not ok to let those feelings take control. Learning that the world is a very unfair place for certain people. Learning about your privilege in this unfair world. Learning how quickly time flies and how lonely anxiety is and how easy it is to catastrophize things. Learning about other perspectives, that there are three sides to every story and that some people lie. Learning what you are good at and not so good at and that sometimes what you want to be good at just isn’t for you. Learning what works for you and what doesn’t and that this is different for everyone. Learning that there is beauty almost everywhere, sometimes in the most unlikely of places. Learning that love and family and friendships are really the only things that matter.

I’m also learning that sometimes you have to learn a lesson a few times before getting it right. Learning that there are some lessons you may never learn. Learning that the more you learn the more you realise you have left to learn. Learning that the learning never ends.

So today’s lesson stings. I may have swore a lot, stamped my feet and pouted a bit. But it’s just a wee bump along the way. It’s annoying but not a disaster. I’ll take a break from it and start again. And I’ll keep on trying to learn from the lessons life throws at me. We don’t really have a choice but to try and learn from them. We can’t really fight them.

So, here’s to life and her many, messy, horrible and glorious lessons.

I’m off to save this bad boy properly before opening it on my phone and trying again. Fingers crossed I don’t need to learn this lesson again. Thank you, husband, for giving me the perspective today.

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