6 Ways to ‘Do The Gym’ (Or Life)


I’ve learned a lot from being a gym-goer over the years so I was going to do a whole ‘Gym 101’ type post. As I was writing it, I realised these observations could apply to like…life. I mean, the gym is a pretty unique space. You are often at your most vulnerable and really putting yourself out there. You’re usually trying something new and of course worried about looking like a fool. There are people from all walks of life that are there for all different reasons. Just like life.

Most folk at the gym are inspiring and supportive. Most are friendly and helpful. Some are arseholes. Just like life.

Many sessions at the gym are great. Empowering and strong and exciting. Some are complete shit. Just life life.

Sometimes I know what I’m doing. I have a clear plan and I feel confident going through it. Other times I am wandering about in a haze, not knowing what the hell I’m doing or even what the point is. Just like….you get it.

You’ll see when you read on. It could be about working out, writing, painting, work…or just navigating life and other people.

No one is watching you.

Not really. Everybody is the star of their own show so if they are watching you then they are probably just noticing you. It’s probably pretty complimentary or totally neutral. If someone is giving over a big part of their life to notice every little thing you do or to be hyper-critical then they need a big dose of ‘get a life’. At the end of the day, someone’s opinion of me is none of my business, right?

Do your thang.

I like weights. I don’t like cardio. I do weights faster for cardio. I need my brain to be challenged as much as my body and I find weights do that best. I used to do hours of cardio. And man was I bored. I also love feeling empowered the way I do with weights. I also love walking outside. Walking for ages on a treadmill feels like torture to me. So I don’t do it anymore. Do what makes you happy or piques your interest. Do the things that make you giggle and capture your imagination. Do what intrigues and challenges you. Do what you love, whatever that may be. However good or bad you may be at it. Whenever you can fit it in. Get some of that good, good creative sparkle in your life. Let that magic loose.

Leave out the comparisons.

Do your thang for you. That whole ‘you are your own competition’ idea is spot on. For every part of your life. You are just trying to do better for you and yours. Just working on improving from where you were before. There will always be someone who is further along than you. Or seems to have reached the goal you set for yourself. Don’t worry about it. Just do your thang and set goals for yourself in a way and timeline that works. For you.

Be inspired.

Don’t compare but definitely be inspired. If you find folk that are working inline with your goals and you admire the way they are working life then follow and admire the shit out of them. Observe and let them light you up. Inspiration works way more positively than comparison. And hey, let them know you think they are kind of amazing. Put those positive vibes out there because they’ll come back to you in the loveliest of ways.

Do the self care.

You can’t lift heavy weights with an empty tank and you can’t live your best life when you are exhausted or run down. You can’t do your best squat If you aren’t doing the admin of stretches and mobility work. If you don’t allow yourself space and time to heal, mend, relax, be, chill or do the admin…then things start to go wrong. You don’t need to check out completely (unless you really do need to check out for a bit) but taking it easy and changing things up to suit you at the time is powerful. I don’t like the whole ‘no excuses’ mentality. Sometime we have excuses. And damn good ones. And we need to work around them. Give yourself peace to do that.

Show up.

Consistency is the key apparently and something I’ve really struggled with in the past. Being consistent means you trust the process and you trust yourself. And gawd damn that can be hard. Especially when you’re feeling all kinds of poopy or down or low of energy, the questioning and doubt creeps in. Keep going with the good stuff. Adjust when you learn what’s working and not working for you. Learn to trust yourself and that you are doing what is right and good for you. Keep showing up.

I know the last two points may seem to contradict themselves but they each have their place. All of these realisations just confirmed for me how important each one is. I just can’t get away from the truth of how life works best for me. Message received universe. Well played.

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