Modify For the Win

I make a lot of connections in the gym. I don’t know if it’s because my brain and body are well connected then or if it’s all the feel good stuff moving about or what…but a lot of ideas and inspirations happen there. This is one I made the other day that inspired this post. It is a small and quite funny connection (It’s about boobs) but…I’ve learned not to ignore those wee links anymore. They often end up being really freakin meaningful.

So, husband and I were working out together and he made me do a rear delts exercise (read that as ‘I knew it would be good for me but I didn’t want to do it’). He does them seated on a bench and bent over a bit. For my non ‘meat-head’ readers, you kind of fly your arms outwards like a bird, holding dumbbells in your hands. It’s meant to hit your mid upper back in that lovely squeezing shoulder blade area. So…I’m not getting it. He shows me. I try it. It’s not working. Then we realised the flaw in the plan. I have boobs, he does not. There was no way I could do the exercise properly because my lovely lady lumps were all kinds of in the way. So…I tried it standing up and bam, nailed it.

I had to modify that exercise for the existence of my sweater bumps. At first I was going to go down the self trash talk route. Why can’t I get it? What’s wrong with me? Blah, Blah bloody blah. But no. I mean…what the hell right? I’m going to beat myself up for having boobs? Um. No.

This is a life lesson I can’t ignore. There is no one way that anything works for everyone. I deep down know this as a teacher. I have to differentiate my lessons and the learning experiences for the kids I’m working with every damn day. It is a huge part of teaching. It’s a given. No child is the same and no two children work best in the same way.

Why, then, does it surprise me that we, as adults, have to modify our lives to best suit our needs, abilities and goals? We may have similar goals to loads of other people, but the fab things is that we can get there in infinitely different ways. How freeing is that? It takes the pressure off of figuring out what everyone else is doing and trying to copy them or assume they know best. By all means use their experiences as inspiration or as information or as a resource, but keep in mind that you may, and maybe should, modify what others have done or are doing in order to suit your own needs.

We often look at what others are doing and assume that because it seems successful for them then that’s the way it should be done. It’s quite a narrow view point to have. There are infinite ways to approach life, we just need to experiment with what works best for ourselves. We are all grown ass adults and we can all choose how we experience life and how we choose to reach our goals. We can modify whatever the hell we want.

Modifications can apply to everything. Like:

– how you do certain exercises

– how and when you workout

– how and when you socialise

– how, what and when you eat

– how you communicate with certain people

– who and how you allow access to yourself

– how and when you sleep

– how and when you work

– how you take care of yourself

– how you feed your creativity

The list is endless. There is no one way to do anything. There is no cookie cutter instruction for life that works for everyone. We all know this, but we don’t always allow ourselves to understand this. It gives you full control to modify the shit out of your life so it works best and so you work best. You just need to figure that stuff out…and you ‘just’ need to learn to advocate for yourself in a way that works for you.

(‘Just.’ Ha ha ha ha…well, that’s a post for another day.)

But for now…

Modify to amplify.

Modify to simplify.

Modify to elevate.

Modify to support your goals.

Modify for the win!

We got this.

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