I had no blog post written for today. It’s the first time since I began this blog that I woke up on a Sunday and it’s not even started. Whoops!

I like to file my Whoops(es?) into three folders.

‘Shit that’s out of your control.’

‘Shit that’s in your control.’

‘A bit of both.’

I’m just going to file this under the third.

There are also sub folders in each folder called Tiny Whoops, a Bit Bigger Whoops and Holy Hell That’s Going to Hurt Whoops. I’m going to go ahead a stick this in the Bit Bigger one.

This blog is important to me and I really have committed to it. It has allowed for such important realisations from me, lovely connections with and for others and some pretty cool opportunities. I promised myself a year.

Waking up pretty jet lagged at just after 5 am, realising I missed a whole day through 24 hour travel plus 7 hours of zombie time trying to stay awake until a decent bedtime, passing out then realising it’s Sunday, Blog Day…Whoops (third folder, second sub folder).

The ‘bit of both’ comes in that I maybe should have found more time during the week to write it. But we all got caught up in our final bit of holiday and I’m not even sorry about it.

So here I am. Holding a Whoops that is a wee bit in and out of my control and a wee bit bigger than tiny. What am I going to do with it?

I’m learning that stressing about your Whoopses without action is useless and there are really only two ways to approach them. Let them go and make them right. Of course that can be much easier said than done. But I can not hold space for them, let them fester out of proportion and do nothing. That’s where the bad stuff is.

And sometimes I would. I would poke and prod the guilt and stress around them and really get in a state. Like it was my punishment or payment for the whoops that happened. Even the ones out of my control. Damn girl! That is a big pile o’ crap right there.

Action always reduces or eliminates stress in a Whoops situation. Decide, do the thing (let go or make right), move on. On to your next Whoops. Because you know, if you are doing life right, there’s going to be another one.

We got this.

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