‘The Work’ Resources

Last week I wrote all about ‘the work’ and gave some top tips about where to start. If you haven’t had a chance to read it pop over and have a gander.

‘The Work’

If you have been there and read that then this week I thought I would spend some time giving you some personal development resources if that’s your thang. (If it’s not your thang…consider making it your thang).

You’re number one resource is, of course, yourself. Don’t believe me? It’s true. You need to spend time getting to know yourself. You are way more able, resourceful, brave, resilient, knowledgeable than you think. You just need time and space to clear the mind clutter. Everything else is supplementary.

Another invaluable resource are the people around you. Your loved ones and folk that know you best and let you be your best. The ones that feed the true stories. Trust those folk.

So…the incomplete and ever expanding list of my personal development…where to start and where to end? Right now my library, social media and listening pleasures consists of the following brave souls. In no particular order…

Jen Sincero (Author)

Erin Brown (Social Media, Author)

Brene Brown (Author)

Elizabeth Gilbert (Author)

Byron Katie (Author)

Tara Mohr (Author)

Mari Andrew (Author)

Martha Beck (Author)

Mirna Valerio (Social Media and Author)

Simon Sineck (Author)

Eckhart Tolle (Author)

Balance 365 radio (Podcast)

Brooke Castillo (Podcast)

James Fell (Social Media)

Melissa Toler (Social Media)

Lucy Sewell (Social Media)

Neghar Fonooni (Social Media)

Annie Brees (Social Media)

Rachel Cargle (Social Media)

Dana Falsetti (Social Media)

Taryn Brumfitt (Social Media)

Tiffany Roe (Social Media- mindfulcounceling)

Molly Galbraith- (Social Media- Girls Gone Strong)

Glenon Doyle (Author and Social Media)

Maya Angelo (Goddess)

I follow and read and listen to them for their self help knowledge, real life bravery, ‘the work’ inspiration, social justice work and calling out of diet culture. It’s hard to do the work in just one area. It creeps into all areas. Soon you’re all like ‘aw fuck…now I know about that I can’t pretend I don’t know about that.’ The shifts are small and huge at the same time.

There are so many options out there for personal development…like thousands. Hundred of thousands. My list is only going to get bigger and bigger…and more diverse. You gotta spend some time finding who speaks right to the soul of you…ya know? Who resonates with you. Husband and I like a lot of the same folk but sometimes I’ll love someone that he just can’t connect with and vice versa. It’s really hard to listen/read something that you aren’t connecting with. So…don’t. Right? There’s no time for that shit. And…I can’t say this enough…you can make your social media as inspiring and safe as you like, you just need to do the cull and get rid of those that don’t support, inspire or teach. Again….there’s no time for shifting through stuff that isn’t working for you or makes you feel like shit.

I’ll just leave the list here for your perusal. And please. Send me your recommendations. I’m always open to more.

Enjoy! We got this.

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