It’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and even though I’m now living in Scotland, I try to honour it here in some way.

For me, Thanksgiving is about honouring the change of seasons, the harvest and pure gratitude for how things are right now.

I have the gratitude for lovely things nailed down. I’m working on being grateful for the lessons and the hardships. I mean I can be thankful for them after the fact but not always when I’m in it. It’s hard to see outside of them right?

My family are in a period of flux just now. Loads of changes, hard work, unexpected expenses, stresses and worries. Most families have these. Life comes and goes with these and we just happen to be in one of those phases of ‘when it rains, it hurricanes’. To the point that I didn’t actually realise it was Thanksgiving until this week. We’d usually have family and friends over but I didn’t have the time to plan it out.

I’m working on being thankful for this time. I’m grateful for the challenges. I’m grateful that our family is pushing through as a team. I’m so thankful that we can find humour and moments of calm in it all. I’m grateful for our people and our home and our health. We are learning and growing and becoming more able. Most of the time we can see past it and the bigger picture. And that picture is pretty damn glorious.

I’m thankful we are in a position to dream and imagine and not just live in survival. That is a very privileged place to be.

Being thankful is a gift we can give ourselves everyday. It’s recognising that we are and have enough. Growing from a place of ‘enough’ is a pretty powerful place to be.

So a very happy harvest and glorious thanksgiving to you. My wish for you all is to be able to see what’s enough and right in your life today. Even in the mess. Even in the hard. What’s that phrase…every day may not be good but there’s good in every day? I hope you can see the good. I’m working on it.

Here’s to being enough.

We got this.

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