Doing Just to Do


This is quite the new concept for me. I’ve held on to a belief that everything I do must have a purpose… an end product or result. Something to show for the effort put in. I needed to achieve. And if the achievement didn’t warrant the effort then it wasn’t worthwhile.

Just recently I’ve been engaged in discussions around the idea of doing…just to do. For the doing itself. Not for any big end result. Whaaaat???

It started in the gym. For awhile there I wasn’t really engaging in my workouts because I didn’t understand why I was doing it. What was it for? Growing up I was big into competitive sports, swimming and rowing mainly. I loved being active but all my workouts had a purpose so, after having James, I was searching for a way to have purpose in my activity again. Once I realised I could just love to move. Lift to lift. Walk to walk. Well…joy! It’s fun. It feels good.

Even this blog. I started out writing to write and to say something. It’s the blog I wished I could have read when I was younger. After a bit I started getting caught up with the likes and the traffic and the stats. Suddenly I wasn’t enjoying it. Now I genuinely don’t mind if 1 person or 100 people read it. I’m writing for me. I’m writing to write.

I’m a creative gal. I like to create. I have this pressure over myself about what to create and how I’m not wanting to start anything because of not knowing the end point. Not knowing why I’m doing it. My coaching course leader asked, ‘What if you just create to create?’ Well darn it. Why not?

Why don’t I just pick up the violin and play to play. Make some nice sounds. Don’t worry about what happens, just play for the joy of playing.

Make stuff for the fun of making it. Enjoy the process of the making and the learning of a new skill. Or doing a new skill badly. Who cares?

Make food for the pleasure of cooking and baking. The process. The textures and smells and patience of making something to eat.

Go outside for the pleasure of being outside. Not to get a certain number of steps or increase my fitness but just be in the walk.

The list is endless.

TD does this all the time. He plays to play. Sometimes he makes something, it’s rarely the thing he started off making. He is so into the joy of the process that he doesn’t really care what the end result is. Yet. I can see how cultivating this love of doing is so damn important.

I’m creating a new job and a new business for myself. I could get so focussed on the end result that I could miss out on the joy of the process. The challenges and skill building and exploring. I might miss something if I’m only focussed on this rigid view of some certain end result. If I’m all into the process; the doing to do, the creating to create, then the result may be something I couldn’t even begin to imagine for myself.

What have you been putting off because of that pressure for a certain result? Can you shift your mindset and just do it to do it? To enjoy the doing? The results could be magic.

We can enjoy something without there being any agenda. That for me has been an immense sense of freedom and relief. It allows for more joy and more fun. And let’s be honest. We need more of that.

Here’s to ‘doing to do’. Enjoying the process and seeing what magic comes from that freedom. We can make magic just by doing shit we enjoy doing. How brilliant is that?

We got this.

6 thoughts on “Doing Just to Do

  1. I’m so with you on this, Jenny – shifting our mindsets so we’re doing things for the sheer pleasure of doing them, not because we have to achieve (not that I am always able to think like this). And when we are setting out to achieve something, the process is often more important and more pleasurable than the final destination. Thank you for the reminder, fantastic post.

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  2. You made me smile. Your words speak to me. You are so right. While all must be organized and done at great speed we often forget to breathe gently, appreciate the present moment and create for the simple pleasure of letting our creativity flourish and embellish our lives. Nice to meet you. You got my follow. Can’t wait to get to know you better. I’m a French scientific journalist from Montreal, Quebec. When did you move to Scotland?

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