Making Magic


Experiencing, seeing and making magic is my life’s purpose now. To find, be and allow magic in my wee own bubble.

Our world can be a scary, exhausting and fucking negative place to be sometimes. Like…meh. Am I Right? The overwhelm can be very real.

We are surrounded by loops of negativity, scarcity and terror. It sells. From the news to advertising…it kind of seeps in everywhere. And we know bad things happen, all the time. We could (I do) get caught in a cycle of fear and worry and anxiety. This isn’t about ignoring or pretending the bad shit doesn’t happen. It’s about choosing to allow for and focus on the beautiful and wondrous in the world.

We can choose to see the magic.

I’ve always been someone who sees it. Some times better than other times. I have been the person that randomly shouts ‘rainbow!’ Or ‘look at the cloud!’. I’ve always noticed the lovely, especially in nature. I’ve always been a dreamer and a wonderer. And I used to be quite embarrassed by it. It was considered silly or frivolous.

I’m now giving myself permission to own that magical sight all the damn time.

To me magic is all the things that make you pause for a moment. Things that make your breath hitch or make you shake your head with wonder or make you smile a knowing smile.

For me it’s coincidences, random encounters, dragonflies, robins, hummingbirds, bees, sunsets, intuition, the moon, flowers, the seasons, candles, rain, flowing water and waterfalls, music, rainbows, smiles, dappled light through leaves, cloud formations, tears, babies, our wildly brilliant and endlessly varied human bodies, art, catching double time numbers (11.11 and 22.22 are pure magic), bubbles, vulnerability, beautiful thoughts, kindness and people finding their power and possibility. It’s everywhere.

I know it’s science and chance and evolution and nature. But, for me, those are magic. For example, the more we learn about space the less we know and the more wonderous it is. Magic! Our bodies? The way women can grow a whole person from a sperm and an egg? That’s pure flippin magic.

I don’t believe science and magic are opposing entities. Not even a little. And the more I learn about how things happen or the science behind things, the more in wonder I become.

For me, magic is the small stuff that is actually the big stuff and I think we need to allow more magic into our lives and into our world. Magic is already everywhere, we just need to create more space to see it and to allow it to be. We can’t do that if we don’t work for that space.

Some of the ways I’m doing this is by:

– Creating space by listening, watching, waiting. Being a bit more patient and a bit more gentle.

– Letting go of thoughts, beliefs, pressures, activities and expectations that no longer serve me.

-Being open to it and giving myself permission to believe.

– Watching the babes. TD reminds me of the magic around us all the time. He sees…he gets it. Every damn day he sees it.

Essential giving it room, giving myself permission and allowing myself to be inspired.

It’s a beautiful way to be. And it’s important, I think, that we let ourselves experience more that is wonderful. Why not? What’s the alternative? So, I choose magic. Every day. I hope you will too.

It’s a dreary, rainy day out there but the wind is blowing leaves off the trees and swirling them all about.

Or as TD says, ‘The wind is making the leaves dance.’ Yes baby boy, it is…and it’s magical.

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