Trust the Niggle

Oh…that wee niggle. The wee voice or tap or nudge saying,

‘Pssst…wait, go, now, later, not that.’

You know…your gut. Well mine is in my heart area but, you know what I mean.

One of the side effects of giving myself space, doing to enjoy doing and getting rid of ‘busy-ness’ is that I have more room for the niggle. It has more room to move and, well, niggle!

I’m getting to know it better. I see it for the friend it is and I’m kind of over ignoring or suppressing it. I mean, how rude! When your pal tells you something important you listen right? Maybe? Maybe not. But…you let them speak.

I’m letting my niggle speak and so far, so good. Getting to know myself more means learning to trust myself again. Actually, learning to trust myself at all and not assume that I don’t know what’s best for myself. I’m a smart lady. I should know better. I should damn well know better for myself than anyone else can know.

See all those stories and ideas about yourself you’ve been told that you now know aren’t for you? Yeah…they may have been giving you a sense that you can’t possibly know best for yourself. And your intuition is certainly NOT to be trusted. I mean…you couldn’t even get your thoughts right? How can you possibly trust your gut?

Writing that out makes me see how ridiculous that is. How can we not know what’s best or right for ourselves? Fighting against your authentic self will kind of do that to you. It’s time to shed that shit and listen. What is it you need? What will serve you best? It’s not selfish to ask that question. You can’t show up for anything or anyone if you don’t show up for yourself.

Showing up for myself means getting deeply all in with knowing myself and what I want, what I need and what serves me. All. In.

Showing up for myself means listening to the niggles. Niggles about ideas, activities, ways of thinking, people, places, saying yes, saying no, boundaries I need and what I want to create in my life…all of it.

Of course you can question your niggles. Some may be popping up from old ways of thinking. That’s ok. You’ll know the difference. If you sit with it for a bit and question it, you’ll know.

So…deep breaths. Time to dive in to some niggle space. Let that niggle free! Give your self some moments to see what’s in there. What is your intuition or internal compass trying to share? And trust. Trust yourself to know what’s best for yourself.

We got this.

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