Answer the Call


Here’s a biggie…

What are you being called to be, do or have?

See that niggle we chatted about last week? That niggle we all freed? Yeah, that little sparkler…it’s kind of powerful.

When you start listening to it, it’s probably sending you some glowy shit around things you are being called to do or ways to be. Leanings, inklings, desires, longings, yearnings…those badass gut tinglers that are trying to get your attention. And this stuff is no joke so you can be sure that at first it will seem scary or silly or maybe won’t make any sense at all. The ideas or feeling around them may seem too big. Like…nah…that’s crazy talk! I can’t do that! I can’t be that. Can I?

Can I share something with you… from experience? Don’t overthink them. I’m going to go right out on a limb here and suggest you trust the call. Explore it. Give it permission to exist and explore. You don’t have to get all bandwagon-y right away. You can sit with it (meditate, ruminate, percolate on it). That’s okay! You can open the door a wee crack and let that call in and get to know it. What’s it’s asking of you? What does it want for your life? What do YOU want for your life?

I’m learning to get curious about what’s trying to grab my attention. Getting curious requires no commitment to the thing…just curiosity. Some of the calls are teeny and some are massive. You get these little ‘pings’ around people, circumstances, events. But the really powerful ones are the ones that are calling you to create in your life. Around what you want to have, be or do. Those are the scary-fun ones.

What I’m learning about ‘the calls’ is that there is no right or wrong way to explore or engage. You don’t need to ask or seek permission to explore or engage. You are allowed to have any kind of relationship you want with that wee gut-tug. You don’t need to advertise that you are now ANSWERING THE CALL. You can decide on your terms and engage in your own way.

What I do know is that resisting them often creates frustration. If you are going to ignore your niggles and inklings…your intuition about what you want for yourself, you are essentially fighting your true self and that never works out well. Been there, bought the keychain.

In all of this I’m learning not to take myself so seriously. Like geez, just enjoy the process already. It’s exciting to see what we all will do with the time we have on this gorgeous hunk of rock. It’s really just a big experiment of trying and adjusting to live our best lives, right?

What do you want? What do you want to be or do or have? What are you being called to create in your life? What is trying to get your attention? You know there is stuff there.

You know.

Open the door a wee crack and see what comes in. Let it sit awhile and let it share with you. Imagine you are on a date with it. Trust there is something there for you and trust that you can create it no matter how fuck-off scary it seems at the time (those ‘calls’ may need a few more dates before you get serious with them, they are intense).

Can I share something else? I’m learning that I can accept where I am and how I am now without giving myself a hard time and I’m learning that when I accept that, then I’m free to go forth and create on my terms. Can it be hard work? Hell yeah it can. This isn’t choosing what kind of cocktail you fancy at the bar…this is some big-ass, life-changing shit right here (I mean cocktail choices though…).

I could spend my lifetime looking for all the examples and proof that I am unable to do something or I am unworthy of achieving my goals or something is too much or too big for me to achieve…but I don’t see the point anymore. I can accept where I am and I can choose to create from there. I can accept that I’m worthy and enough and I can choose to answer the call from there. I can also choose to lighten up about it and not take myself so seriously. Life is tricky enough and too long to take ourselves so seriously all the time.

So… give your ‘call’ a chance to call on you. Maybe, just maybe, you don’t dismiss or ignore it this time. Maybe you let some light shine on that glorious beast and see what’s what. Maybe you accept that you are possibility and maybe you explore where that takes you. Maybe.

We’ve got this.

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