I made it to Friday.

I didn’t murder the person in line behind me who stood WELL within my space bubble.

I ate.

I kept my kid alive.

I didn’t drop kick husband into next week.

There’s so much pressure to thrive all the time but sometimes you need to celebrate the fact that you survived.

You don’t always need to climb the big mountain sometimes it’s about stepping over the small obstacles.

Life is busy and heavy and amazing. It’s also the mundane and routine. It’s also hard and weird and surviving is enough.

You are allowed to ‘just survive’ and you are allowed to count that as a win .

Sometimes your blog has to be short and sweet because it’s time for yourself and your relationships.

And that’s ok.

Let your just enough be enough.

Celebrate the small wins and the surviving.

We got this.

*ps…Thank you husband for helping with this post. You do good shit. You may stay in this week.

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