The Changing Year


I am grateful for all the lessons, experiences, and people from 2018 and I’m beyond excited for what’s to come. Maybe excited is the wrong word. I’m more settled, more content, more at peace and more in love with my life.

2018 has been an immensely transformative year for me. I have grown and changed in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. It’s been heavy and hard but also extremely fun and rewarding. It’s been ‘a year’.

In fact, it’s been like a homecoming for me. Coming back to myself. To getting down and dirty with what I value and what works for me and mine. It’s been a year of shedding old believes and ways of being in the world…of getting rid of some of the exterior pressures and beliefs that I don’t need to engage with anymore. It’s been a year of getting to know myself and feeling proud of the person I am. Standing tall, taking up space and owning my shit.

This will be my last post for 2018. This may be my last post in this way. Things are changing. I’m leaving space for change. I want to thank everyone who has joined me on my blog writing journey. The cheers and feedback and engagement have been everything.

I thought I would leave you with some of my bigger realisations and intentions for myself and my life. Things I learned along the way this year. For me and for you.

Here goes…

  • We are all worthy of abundance, in all the ways that may manifest. Abundance of love, stuff, money, health, work, rest and play. We are allowed to want it and to recognise it. It doesn’t mean we are selfish. It means we are accepting of what life wants to share.
  • We are allowed to grow, adapt, evolve and change our minds. When you know better, you do better. When you find shit out about yourself, you evolve to make it work. When something isn’t serving you, you let it go. We are deserving of change.
  • Life doesn’t have to be hard or a struggle all the time for it to be worthy. We can let things be easier, more positive or less busy. We can let life be what it is sometimes.
  • We can do hard things. When life does try and test us, we can know that we can make it through even the toughest of shit. We are capable and resilient and we are able.
  • We can ask for help. We don’t have to do it alone. We are not weak for admitting defeat, making mistakes, tripping up. We can let others guide, inspire and show us another way.
  • Everyone is trying their very best with what they have. We can give ourselves a break and we can be more generous of thought towards others. We can let people do their thing.
  • I’m okay and you’re okay. I don’t need to always prove I’m right and I don’t need to fight every battle. I can be okay and I can let you be okay too. Sometimes releasing the need to be right or justified or revenged can be the most freeing of freedoms.
  • We are allowed to create any damn thing that sets us free, brings us joy and makes us see our enough-ness. The more enough and okay we are in each moment, the more okay and enough everything around us becomes.
  • We are allowed to believe in magic. We can believe any damn thing we want. I choose to believe in the magic of the world. I choose to look for it wherever I can. It makes my days better.

2018 has been my year to let myself ‘shine’. It was the word I picked for myself a year ago to build this year around. To give myself permission to shine. I didn’t know half of what I would allow myself to get up to.

2019’s word is abundance. Looking for it, allowing for it and being grateful for it. An abundance of love and magic and boundaries and opportunities and saying yes and acceptance.

You’ll still find me writing and posting on Instagram, both with my personal page and also, excitedly, with my new coaching business page. You can link to them here.

Happy festive season to you and yours… and a very abundant 2019 to you too. I hope you can find ways to create everything you need and want. You deserve it.

We got this.

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